Be8 launches new biofuel to be used up to 100% in diesel engines


Sectors of public transport and cargo in road, waterway, maritime and rail modes now rely on a new biofuel to meet decarbonization goals the short term


  • The Be8 BeVant is an immediate Sustainability/ESG solution for companies that want to reduce emissions without investments in engine exchange or new fueling infrastructure


  • The product will be offered at a cost about 50% lower* than that practiced today in the international market for Green Diesel (HVO)


October 2023 - Be8, the national leader in biodiesel, announced on Monday (02/10) an exclusive product that will revolutionize the biofuels market. Be8 BeVant is a bi-distilled methyl ester, the result of a process that generates quality and performance gains, which allows the product to be added 100% or mixed with diesel oil, anticipating several of the benefits of green diesel - HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), under more competitive commercial conditions.


"This great innovation is the result  of the experience we have gained with  our know-how of   more than 18 years of operation and, of course, with our investments in Europe (where the company operates a biodiesel plant in Switzerland) and the knowledge acquired in the United States and in the study phase of the advanced biofuels project,"  celebrates Erasmo Carlos Battistella, president of Be8.


The company will invest R$ 80 million considering the research, development and expansion of a production line in the existing unit in Passo Fundo (RS), with a capacity of 150 million liters/year. The production start forecast is 12 months and the capacity can be quickly expanded to the Marialva (PR) unit. "We have not ruled out also establishing production licenses so that the Be8 BeVant can meet all the demand that arises," Battistella explained.


The product will be offered at an estimated cost of about 50% lower* than that practiced today in the international market for Green Diesel (HVO).


Decarbonization opportunity


The Be8 BeVant is ideal for companies that consume large volumes of traditional diesel oil and are committed to reducing their emissions in the short term. The product will be able to supply power generating equipment and the line of heavy machinery for processes in the areas of civil construction, agribusiness and earthmoving. The company will also act to meet the demands of the logistics sectors for the production of ores, public transport and cargo in road, sea and rail modes.


The product arrives on the market precisely  many companies are looking for ways to meet the Sustainability/ESG goals announced to reduce or zero the emission of greenhouse gases. Biofuels are the most effective way to decarbonize the circulating fleet in Brazil today, considering that, according to ANFAVEA, 99.55% of three-year-old trucks are powered by diesel, and do not reach 1,500 units powered by electricity or  gas.


"We are talking about an immediate solution, which does not depend on investment in infrastructure or engine change,  compared to other technological routes such as hydrogen, biomethane and electric vehicle, with a high impact for the depollution of large urban centers in the short term," says Battistella.


Patent granted


Be8 has already been granted the Invention Patent No. BR 102022019345-2, of the  National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), for  the  Production Process of the new product. The test phase on Euro V engines,  on the test bench, was overcome and proved the advantages and characteristics of the product.


With higher ester content, it reduces up to 50% the emissions of CO (carbon monoxide), up to 85% the emission of particulate matter and up to 90% black smoke. The quality is proven with higher lubricity,  considering ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) maximum of 2 ppm, the monoglyceride content below 0.25%, the total residual contamination below 2 ppm and presents 35% less water content.


As the specifications are higher than the minimum requirements currently accepted (ANP 920/2023), the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) will only authorize mixtures higher than B12 for the realization of a Proof of Concept (PoC) in partnership with engine manufacturers and fleet owners.


"We do not rule out offering the product for export, but our preferred focus is the domestic market, which needs a 100% renewable solution. Thus,  we reinforce our commitment to be a renewable energy company that implements new energy matrices through a circular ecosystem of innovation, contributing to less polluted spaces and healthier populations, still in the present, and reinventing the future", concludes Battistella.


Advantages of Be8 BeVant


  • The mixture may be increased up to 100 %;
  • Be8 BeVant does not change the color of the final fuel, as it is a clean and transparent product (remnants of yellow);
  • Product considered as ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel);
  • Fuel with low acidity index;
  • Free of contaminants;
  • High ester content, improving combustion;
  • Excellent cold flow properties;
  • Given the absence of contaminants in Be8 BeVant, it can be dosed in larger quantities in fossil diesel, conferring greater lubricity and dispensing with the use of chemical additives.


*Argusmedia Quote – September 26, 2023