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Advanced Biofuel

Erasmo Carlos Battistella

One of the most influential entrepreneurs in Brazilian agribusiness, reference in the area of bioenergy and leader in biodiesel production in the country.

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The Omega Green biorefinery, located in Villeta, Paraguay, will have a total production capacity of 20,000 barrels per day, producing a mixture of fuels such as: HVO, SPK and Green Naphtha.

The region has great availability of soybean oil, animal fats and used cooking oil (UCO) and will feature reforestation oil from Pongamia, which are raw materials used for the production of advanced biofuels.

Discover the Omega Green project in Paraguay
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Who We Are

THE ECB Group is a holding company with investments and strategic holdings in sustainable businesses focused on Agribusiness and Renewable Energy.

Invests in the participation of companies such as: BSBIOS, ECB Paraguay – Omega Green project, ECB Group Asset Management and ECB Group Export and Import.

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