ECB Export and Import

ECB Export and Import was founded on November 24, 2006, with the objective of producing renewable energy and in investment and management in projects of generation and transmission of electricity from various areas such as SHPs, wind and other renewable electric energy sources.

The company has two units, its headquarters in Passo Fundo / RS and its branch, for power generation, in Soledade / RS.                            

It also operates with commercial operations in the segment of fuels and biofuels, minerals, steel and chemical products; in the wholesale sector of agricultural raw materials, milk and dairy products, cereals and legumes benefited; in the wholesale trade specialized in food products, such as: meat and derivatives, roasted coffee, ground and soluble, sugar, oils and fats; in the wholesale trade of agricultural pesticides, fertilizers and soil correctives.

It also carries out commercializations in the wholesale branch of hygiene products, cleaning and home conservation, in the road transport of cargo and dangerous products and auxiliary activities of air transport.