APROBIO Quality Seal attests high standard of biodiesel produced by BSBIOS


Passo Fundo and Marialva units have biodiesel with quality attested to parameters higher than that practiced globally


Last Wednesday (30), BSBIOS received the certification of the 'APROBIO Quality Seal – Biodiesel Super A', for its two units, Passo Fundo/RS and Marialva/PR. The Seal is a voluntary audit program of the plants associated with the Association of Biofuel Producers of Brazil - APROBIO, which evaluates the ability to produce biodiesel according to quality standards that exceed the Brazilian specification and also the use of good practices for the shipment of the product.

To achieve this prominence, the company was submitted to audits, which become periodic, to evaluate the use of good practices and the compliance with the strict specification that proves that the biofuel produced meets current and future quality needs. The audit is carried out by an independent body, the Dutch company Control Union Certificates.

The Director of Association of Control Union Certificates, Robert Stam, and the Manager Tomas Pueta, highlighted the work done: "We congratulate BSBIOS for the first certification of the Quality APROBIO Seal. We are proud to be part of this initiative and believe that this will improve the quality of the sector," they said.

The president of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, points out that the certifications demonstrate the quality of biodiesel. "For us, from BSBIOS, quality is not discussed, we always excel in it and seek continuous improvement; therefore, we support and invest to be Certified. I congratulate APROBIO for the initiative that guarantees the quality of our biodiesel as the number one in the world", said the businessman.

The Company's Chief Operating Officer, Carlos Roberto Ferreira Júnior, points out that several stages of the production process are observed by the audit, which pass the national specification. "They are evaluated in biodiesel: aspect, characteristic of the cold filter clogging point, total contamination, oxidation stability, acidity, water and metal content and glycerols. Everyone these parameters are also required by the ANP, but to obtain the seal it is necessary to ensure the results within the specification, analyzed even after 30 days of shipment, in a specific sample guard plan, hence the differential of the Biodiesel Super A Seal, guaranteed by APROBIO." stressed the director.

The process that involves the shipment of biodiesel is also analyzed. Records are observed, including the collection and storage of testimony samples, for further proof.

The Seal represents the plant's commitment to the highest quality standards of biodiesel produced, meeting all the requirements of the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels - ANP and under additional or more restrictive conditions agreed and defined by the Technical Committee and approved by the APROBIO Council. Also received the Seal the biodiesel company 3 tentos.

Improved biodiesel specifications

APROBIO sent, in May 2020, a correspondence to the ANP, with proposals for improvement for the specification of biodiesel produced in the country. "Today, the specification of biodiesel in Brazil is already one of the most rigid in the world, but we want to further improve this quality, because we believe that the country has all the potential to continue increasing the percentages of mixing up to at least 20% (B20)", explains the superintendent of APROBIO, Julio Minelli.  

The requested change to ANP, on the specification, seeks to give the safety expected by the automotive industry on any element that may reduce the efficiency of emission control systems, as well as minimize any adaptation that is necessary in these systems. Anyway, the vast majority of plants already work within the requirements of this specification.